Current Needs - Food Items

You can drop off items at the Food Pantry or contact Mary Schwartz - Pantry Director 


Hours of operation: Wednesdays 9am--12pm (noon),  Thursdays 1pm--4pm.


2016 needs:


 ON-Going Needs:





Spaghetti sauce
Peanut butter
Pasta products
Paper products
Small laundry detergent
Pork and beans
Ramen noodles
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables
And any other canned items


Venison - Q&A

Home Canned Items - Q&A



 Q. I have a question, someone has offered to donate venison to the food pantry, are there any regulations or guidelines we need to follow?

A. Only venison that has been processed & stamped by a Certified Processor can be donated to the Durand Food Pantry.

     NOT processed at home or in someone's  garage!

Usually the meat will be stamped with a processors identification stamp to show that the meat has been inspected and approved for consumption.

 Q. Can the Durand Food Pantry accept any food items that have been home canned?

A.  No, we are not able to accept any food items that have been home canned.

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