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The Durand Food Pantry/ "Bread of Life"  is located at:  306a W. Main St., Durand, WI.

                        `This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider'

Hours of operation: Wednesdays 9am--12pm (noon),  Thursdays 1pm--4pm.

 Urgent!  Check out our Current Needs category.

email: durandfoodpantry@gmail.com



306A W. Main St., Durand, WI 54736




        ******************   "News Release"     ********************


                        DONATION MATCH FOR HUNGER RELIEF


The Pepin County Durand Area Food Pantry has a unique opportunity to receive one pound of food from Feed My People Food Bank for each dollar raised up to 5000 pounds of food Beginning Sept 5th through ,Oct 15th 2016 through the Food for More Challenge.

This is a partnership between Feed My People and Pepin County Durand Area Food Pantry

The match will be one pound for food through shared maintenance food credit at Feed My People, up to a maximum of 5000 pounds. The dollars raised are used by the Pepin County Durand Area Food Pantry so you can really increase the value of your donation in this program.

100% of donations plus 100% of the matching pounds will be used at Feed My People Food Bank in Eau Claire where the Pepin County Durand Area Food Pantry purchases food not received by food drives and donations.

The challenge begins on Monday,Sept 5th through October15th 2016.

Please make checks payable to Durand Area Food Pantry and note in the memo line of the check MATCH CHALLENGE. The KEY is to write MATCH CHALLENGE in the memo line of the check.

Send checks to Durand Area Food Pantry, 306A W. Main Street, Durand, WI 54736.

If you have any questions please call Mary A Schwartz at 715-672-8690 and thank you for your support in this effort to relieve hunger in our area.



The Pepin County/Durand Area Food Pantry is open to all those living in the area of the Durand School District which includes parts of Pepin, Buffalo, and Dunn counties. 

Durand, Wisconsin, is nestled in the coulee region located in the western part of the state and is also defined by the Chippewa River that runs through the downtown area.

The food pantry is actually located on the river's southern bank of downtown Durand.  With a picturesque view of the river and woods from our back door, one can only stand in awe of nature's true beauty.  The river runs fast; you can be mesmerized by the currents swirling right then left.  Water fowl are everywhere; multi-colored ducks float the waters edge feeding while eagles soar over head.  Fishermen patiently wait along the shores, and occasionally an air boat cruises by all with one question in mind...

"Are we going to catch any fish today?"

The river provides food for all of nature's creatures that depend on it for their survival.

Speaking of food!

As we turn and enter through the back door of the food pantry our mind takes on a different focus.  The walls are lined with shelves from the floor to the ceiling.  All are loaded with different kinds of food.  One would think you were walking through a grocery store---except there is one item missing---there is no cash register.

The Durand Food Pantry/ "Bread of Life"  has been a functional entity serving our community.

Monthly Statistics - 2016

Families served.

Jan     101     

Feb     81    

March     83    

We continue to serve families in our community.

We need your HELP!

Our clients needs continue to grow.

Please give to any local food drives or give financially.

We are able to purchase items from the regional food bank for about 13 cents per pound.

Thank you for your generosity.

 Like the Chippewa River, the Durand Food Pantry/ "Bread of Life"  provides food to the community.  With the economy in complete disarray, with loss of jobs, and with families being torn apart by the reduction of their incomes, the Food Pantry is experiencing an added demand for service.  

 The Durand Food Pantry is a non-profit organization and is solely dependent upon your financial and food donations. All of your donations are greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

 Cash donations-- We have a few places that we can purchase items wholesale or even at just the cost of delivery.  That helps stretch the dollars that you give to purchase a variety of items for the pantry.

Thank you for your help in meeting people's needs.  A receipt will be issued upon request.

If you would like to donate to the Pepin County/Durand Food Pantry/ "Bread of Life", 

please contact: Pantry Director  -  Mary Schwartz

or email: durandfoodpantry@gmail.com.



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Pier4cafe.com  - Pier 4 Cafe & Smokehouse, Alma,WI

WhyKnot1.com - Dispense 250ft. rolls of Romex wire

JKLawn.com - Lawn Care Service serving Durand and surrounding areas




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